Evgenia Laguna

mezzo or alto voice
   Maggie's Talent Agency   My name is Maggie Kalomvosaki.I want to give you the information about of incredible singer - Space Opera Diva Evgenia Laguna. She is available for bookings.  Laguna represents Classical Crossover, the most exclusive musical genre. The Discography includes 19 discs, recorded by the largest labels: Feel Music, EMI, Universal Music. Among the artists with whom Evgenia released joint compilations there are Sarah Brightman, Vanessa Mae, Charlotte Church, Kiri Ti Kanawa, Donna Summer, Ernesto Cortazar, Sissel etc.   Please, look the video of one of her performances:  https://youtu.be/me7SOkJ1hz8   She is the singer able to perform the aria of Space Opera Diva from Luc Besson’s film “The Fifth Element” the way it sounds in the movie.  https://youtu.be/SPf2ANjUbrY   I am interested to organize the concerts or another performances of my artist in your country. If you are interested in booking Laguna, please respond to this email and I will send you more details.
I will be happy to be useful to you!
About Laguna:https://www.facebook.com/notes/evgenia-lagunas-booking-agent-maggie-kalomvosaki-maggies-talent-agency/space-opera-diva-evgenia-laguna/2004543886498263/ 

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Evgenia Laguna - Adagio
Fifth Element Diva song - full version. SINGING - EVGENIA LAGUNA.
SINGING - EVGENIA LAGUNA. The Song Was Written Impossible For Human But She Nailed It. Charismatic Space Opera Diva Evgenia Laguna! Recuerdas ESA escena de 'El Quinto Elemento'? La cantante Russian Evgenia Laguna la interpretó en vivo The Fifth Element Music Video (1997) (RyoDrake Productions) The Most Amazing Voice in the World The song is still technically impossible for humans, if you haven't listened to the original song (which was actually computer generated). The song is Diva Dance from The Fifth Element. You can find it on YouTube. I Was Touched listen to Her Sing !!! Две невозможные для исполнения арии в одной. Ария Лючии де Ламмермур считалась невозможной для исполнения при жизни Гаэтано Доницетти. Ария Космической оперной дивы Плавы Лагуны, считалась невозможной для исполнения в наше время. Евгения исполняет и то и другое на самом деле. 
The Fifth Element
The Fifth Element 
Aranjuez - Evgenia Laguna
Canto della Terra - Evgenia Laguna