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(c) Universal Edition
Credits: Mikhail Korzhev, Ilana Davidson

Monolog der Stella op. 57

Text by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (from "Stella", Act 4, scene 1). English translation by Ernst Krenek (below):

Beautifully you blossom, more beautiful than ever,
lovely place of eternal peace. 
But you allure me no more, you make me shudder,
cool, loose earth.

Ah how often, in hours of fancy, I covered head and breast in the cloak of death.
I stood calm near your depth and stepped down, 
and hid my miserable heart under your living cover.
There, corruption, you should. like a dear infant,
sucle this overflowing breast
and dissolve my existence in a pleasant dream.

Yet now...Ah! Heaven's sun shines in.
It is so light, so open around me,
and I rejoice in it.

He is there again!
In one momentthe entire living creatin appears around me.
I am all life and want to drink from his lips 
new, warm, glowing life!
To live near him, with him in lasting strength.
He comes! No, not yet,
Here he may find me, here on my grass altar 
under my rose branches.
I wIll pluck these little buds for him.
And then I will lead him to this arbor.

I was indeed well, however, that I arranged it, small as it is, for two.
But if only he would come! At once forsaken?
Do I then have him again?
He is there! He is there!

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