Erle Kont

I believe that music is a reflection of who we are; so we must constantly challenge ourselves and push the limits to reach greater heights.  As we are - that is how we will play.
latest News
Christmas is going to be musical in Tartu! 15. Nov 2016

We are planning a Christmas concert with a dear friend Alexey Pegushev in Tartu Tubina hall! Very christmassy Debussy, Schumann and Brahms! :) More details coming soon!

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Short Profile

NameKont, Erle
Date of Birth1995-02-08
Born inEstonia, Europe
Main languageEstonian
Additional languages English,  Finnish 
attended UniversitiesSibelius Academy

2016-12-21, Tartu
Tartu Heino Eller Music School

Ester Mägi sonata for clarinet and piano
Played Dec 2013 by Erle Kont (clarinet) and Jaan Kapp (piano) in Tartu University hall. 
After concert emotions with my friend. 
Tartu trio
Saimi Ester Kortelainen (violin)
Arko Narits (piano) 
2016-12-11, Lohja
Sibelius Academy

Soloists: Kont, Erle - Pegushev, Alexey
Gioachino Rossini - Introduction, theme and variations
Erle Kont (clarinet)
Lauri Sirp (conductor) and Tartu University Orchestra
04.05.2015 Tartu