Erle Kont

Erle Kont (1995) is an Estonian clarinetist, who has studied with Tiit Veigel and Tõnu Kalm in Tartu, Estonia. Now she is studying with clarinetist Harri Mäki in Sibelius Academy.

Erle is a winner of many national and international competitions. She was a finalist of Czech Clarinet Art (2015), winner of international Eduard Medinš competition (2010, 2nd place 2011, 2013, 2014) and she also won prizes for the best interpretation of a piece by Bohuslav Martinu and Viktor Kalabis in ISA summer academy (2015). She has won the national clarinet competition (2009, 2011) and David Otto Wirkhaus competition for woodwinds (2007-2009). She was also successful in the music highschools competition in Estonia, where she won 2nd price (2013, 2014) and 3rd price (2012).

Erle has performed as a soloist with Estonian Music Teachers Symphony Orchestra, Tartu University Symphony Orchestra, Heino Eller Music School Symphony Orchestra, Tartu 1st Music School Symphony Orchestra, Tamme Wind Orchestra, Tartu Horn Ensemble and Elva Clarinet Ensemble

Erle is also a keen interpreter of young composers pieces, as she has premiered the pieces of such composers as Kaisa Kuslapuu, Anni Avi, Gerta Raidma, Saimi-Ester Kortelainen, Algis Pauljukaitis and Marili Tomingas.

Erle has participated in masterclasses with maestro Charles Neidich, Yehuda Gilad, Francois Benda, , Michel Lethiec, Jiri Hlavac, Eduard Brunner, Kari Kriikku, Olli Leppäniemi, Olivier Vivares, Toomas Vavilov, Jose Luis Esteles, Claudio Conti, Selvadore Rähni, Vahur Vurm, Madis Kari and others.

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Short Profile

NameKont, Erle
Date of Birth1995-02-08
Born inEstonia, Europe
Main languageEstonian
Additional languages English,  Finnish 
attended UniversitiesSibelius Academy