Erle Kont

I believe that music is a reflection of who we are; so we must constantly challenge ourselves and push the limits to reach greater heights.  As we are - that is how we will play.
latest News
Christmas is going to be musical in Tartu! 15. Nov 2016

We are planning a Christmas concert with a dear friend Alexey Pegushev in Tartu Tubina hall! Very christmassy Debussy, Schumann and Brahms! :) More details coming soon!

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Short Profile

NameKont, Erle
Date of Birth1995-02-08
Born inEstonia, Europe
Main languageEstonian
Additional languages English,  Finnish 
attended UniversitiesSibelius Academy

Tartu trio
Saimi Ester Kortelainen (violin)
Arko Narits (piano) 
After concert emotions with my friend. 
2016-12-11, Lohja
Sibelius Academy

Soloists: Kont, Erle - Pegushev, Alexey
2016-12-21, Tartu
Tartu Heino Eller Music School

Ester Mägi sonata for clarinet and piano
Played Dec 2013 by Erle Kont (clarinet) and Jaan Kapp (piano) in Tartu University hall. 
Gioachino Rossini - Introduction, theme and variations
Erle Kont (clarinet)
Lauri Sirp (conductor) and Tartu University Orchestra
04.05.2015 Tartu