Erik Rousi

baritone or bass voice

Erik Rousi is a bass-baritone who graduated in spring 2016 with the best possible grades from the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, where he studied under the supervision of Prof. Seppo Ruohonen and Prof. Marjut Hannula. Now Mr. Rousi is continuing his studies at the opera class of Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien. Rousi started his musical studies at Turku Conservatory at the age of 8, learning to play the cello. At the same school, he started his study programme in vocal studies in 2011 in Jouni Kuorikoski's class. During 2012-2013, in addition to Kuorikoski, Rousi was taught by Prof. Petteri Salomaa. Rousi has also attended the master classes of Prof. Edith Lienbacher, Prof. Elisabeth Werres, and Prof. Helen Tintes, to name a few.

Rousi has performed in several stage performances, where his roles have included Figaro (W. A. Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro), Don Alfonso (W. A. Mozart: Così fan tutte), Colas (W. A. Mozart: Bastien und Bastienne), Caronte (C. Monteverdi: L´Orfeo) and Dankwart (O. Straus: Die lustigen Nibelungen). Rousi has also performed a variety of 20th century and contemporary music. To name the latest, Rousi received plenty of praise from critics for his role of Stalin in the world premiere of the Peruvian composer A. Z. Roncal’s opera Ger Mania - La Gran Fiesta.

Rousi has a lot of passion for the Lied music, in which he is already an experienced performer. The corner stones of Rousi's Lied repertoire are the great works of Schumann and Schubert, as well as contemporary music. Rousi has performed at several Finnish music festivals, such as Turku Music Festival, Eurajoki Bel Canto, Rauma Festivo, and the festival Brinkall Soi.

Rousi has received several mentions of honour and scholarships. He was also one of the awardees at the final of Kangasniemi Vocal Competition in 2015. Rousi's singing career has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Alfred Kordelin Foundation.

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Short Profile

NameRousi, Erik
Date of Birth1987-03-24
Born inFinland, Europe
Home LocationVienna, Austria
Main languageFinnish
Additional languages English,  German,  Swedish 
attended UniversitiesMusik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien
What If Hitler Went to Patagonia
2016-05-05 Hufvudstadsbladet, Helsinki
"Of a handful of singers, one will take note of a rather weak Hitler (Tero Halonen) but an even stronger Stalin (Erik Rousi) and a charming Eva Braun (Marika Hölttä)."
(Wilhelm Kvist)
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Hitler and Stalin Became Opera Characters
2016-05-05 Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki
"The main antagonists stay in the limelight for the most part. Adolf comes across as a shaky, but seemingly threatening character, Josif as a dangerous man despite his calmness. Tero Halonen has adopted Hitler's character well. Similarly, Erik Rousi is a good fit for Stalin's role. Both did also very well vocally."
(Veijo Murtomäki)
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Multifunctional Figaro
2016-04-26 Rondo, Helsinki
"The strong voiced Erik Rousi was a jovial Figaro, with the right blend of goofiness and cunningness...The lead roles showed exceptional vocal quality and singing charisma."
(Auli Särkiö)
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A Mesmerizing First Opera
2015-06-07 Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki
"Some fine soloists were heard in the production. We can hardly find a better Orpheus than the tenor Juho Punkeri. Erik Rousi as Charon and Ronnie Karlson as Pluto were startling with their juicy bass voices."
(Veijo Murtomäki)
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Everybody is Saving up!
2015-04-11 The Diary of a Gentleman, Helsinki
"Erik Rousi has splendid material and natural stage charisma. He managed to turn the cynicism associated with Don Alfonso into easygoing joyfulness."
(Janne Koskinen)
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