Emirhan Tuga


Emirhan Tuğa regularly performs in chamber music ensembles, as a soloist with orchestras in Holland, Japan, US and Turkey.

His solo CD  "Moonlight", Duo Tuga-Tada released by AK music.

Recordings for Dutch radio and television program's, Concertzender, Avro  and Ned.3 are also on his list of accomplishments.

Mr. Tuğa has been greatly influenced by the folk-music element in composers such as Bartok, Milhaud, Piazzola and Golijov. His preference for Klezmer and Gypsy music is evident in his choice of repertoire and his sparkling performance of major works in this category. A concert with the Chagall String Quartet included his rendering of "The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind" for Klezmer clarinet  by Osvaldo Golijov.

Own music arrangements of existing works for clarinet and piano, as well as adaptations of Turkish/Balkan music are also among his achievements.

He recorded adaptations of the Turkish "Canto Songs" and tango music from Istanbul under the title Variete Oriental for Kalan Müzik.

He plays regularly chamber music, giving concerts with Duo Tuga-Tada, Tombaz ensemble, Chagall String Quartet, Meriam de Korte Ensemble, Astra Trio and Trio Nomade.

As clarinetist he taking part in projects and concerts featuring contemporary composers such as J. Raas, M. Doğuduyal, M. van Tilzer, U. Asuroglu, and O. Ben-Amots.

Emirhan Tuğa (1970) born in Ankara, Turkey, commenced his studies in 1984, in the class of Ekrem Öztan at the Ankara State Conservatory  of Hacettepe University in Turkey and graduated in 1993. He was subsequently awarded a scholarship given by the Istanbul Philharmonic Society, in order to continue his postgraduate studies at the Amsterdam Conservatory under Emiel Kleymeer and Piet Honingh. There he also attended chamber music courses given by Willem Brons.

In addition he gave clarinet masterclasses and ensemble workshops in Holland, Turkey, Finland and United States and participated in festivals in Hungary, England and Turkey.

He regularly gives ensemble-coaching at Amsterdam Conservatory and workshops about Turkish maqam music in the Netherlands and abroad. He has been artistic director of Antre Music Foundation since 2012.

Mr. Tuğa currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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