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Hailed by critics for her “tonal bloom” and “hauntingly beautiful performances,” English-American performer and composer Emi Ferguson stretches the boundaries of what is expected of modern-day musicians. 

Emi can be heard live in concerts and festivals around the world as well as at home in New York City where she is a member of the New York New Music Ensemble, NYBI, Argento Ensemble, and New Vintage Baroque. She has spoken and performed at several TEDX events and has been featured on media outlets including The Discovery Channel and TouchPress apps talking about how music relates to our world today.  This year, she is producing two albums: a flute and piano album highlighting Cesar Franck’s A Major Sonata, and a cross-genre “baroque-pop” album that takes 16th/17th century French texts and motifs and spins them into 21st century indie-pop songs.

for more information please visit: www.emiferguson.com

latest News
Album Release 26. Apr 2016
Emi Ferguson plays the music of Kendall Durelle Briggs

I recorded this album a few years ago and am so excited that it is available to purchase through iTunes, Loudr, Spotify, Pandora, and all of your favourite music listening services.

Listen and purchase here:
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Emi Ferguson, press photo 3
Emi Ferguson, press photo 1
Early Music, Autumn and Winter, in New York City
2014-01-31 New York Arts, New York City
"New York Baroque Incorporated, founded in 2011, is a group of young musicians playing Baroque instruments. I heard them at le poisson rouge in a program consisting mostly of Italian music, especially Vivaldi, Biber, and a rediscovered flute concerto by G. B. Ferrandini, which was played by featured artist Emi Ferguson, a brilliant and exceptionally versatile musician who is a virtuoso on all manner of flutes and repertory, from the Baroque to the present. She gave an intense reading of the work, fully realizing its highly dramatic and expressive parlando style, with robust support from the ensemble."
(Michael Miller)
REVIEW from 2014-01-31  
Amazing Grace at the 2011 9/11 Memorial Ceremony
Televised worldwide. 
Your Ears Deceive You, Emi Ferguson at TEDXBeaconStreet
How do our preconceived notions affect how we think about and categorize music? Emi Ferguson may surprise you as she shows what classical composers and musicians have in common with contemporary artists. 
Emi Ferguson, press photo 2
Emi Ferguson - Quand le flambeau
A Sun-play of the Ages

Review: ‘Au Revoir, Pierre,’ a Celebration of Boulez
2016-01-10 New York Times, New York City
"The interplay of instruments and voice (all members of the Metropolis Ensemble) in four movements of the seminal cantata "Le marteau sans maître" evoked the conversations, understandings and genial disagreements of a better society: In the eighth section, the flute line (Emi Ferguson, who stood out in an excellent group) winds through an exotic yet friendly thicket of percussion."
(Zachary Woolfe)
REVIEW from 2016-01-10  
Wolpe and Feldman - together again in rewarding NYNME program
2014-12-16 New York Classical Review, New York, New York
"Flutist Emi Ferguson joined Gosling and Druckman for the first, long piece. Feldman made the music with three independent parts that only come together in strict synchronization in the last moments. The musicians are like three painters who share the same canvas, work independently, then concur on the masterpiece they have created. The playing was beautiful: Ferguson produced a full, dark sound on all her instruments (including alto and bass flute), Druckman conveyed a sense of stimulating foreboding through his repeated glockenspiel notes, and Gosling articulated Feldman's extraordinarily subtle rhythmic variations with astonishing clarity. - See more at: http://newyorkclassicalreview.com/2014/12/wolpe-and-feldman-together-again-in-rewarding-nynme-program/#sthash.gvZfkl48.XUInqqXm.dpuf"
(George Grella)
REVIEW from 2014-12-16  
Emi Ferguson plays Paganini's Violin Caprice no.5 live on the flute
Stealing violin music one piece at a time...
Although this virtuosic masterpiece was originally written for the violin, it translates so well to the flute - showing off the incredible range, depth, and possibilities of such a truly virtuosic instrument. Emi's arrangement captures the brilliance of Paganini's writing while adapting it to better suit the demands of the flute. Watch more of her videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/emiflutes

This video was filmed by Kenneth Kato as part of Charlotte White's Salon de Virtuosi concert series (www.sdev.org) in New York City. Emi was a 2014 Salon de Virtuosi grant winner. 
World Premiere, Oquin Concerto for Flute and Orchestra
Emi gives the world premiere of Wayne Oquin's Concerto for Flute and Orchestra. 
Flutes - What Makes Them Different?
Emi describes the differences between the flutes she plays. 
Ferrandini - Concerto for Flute and Strings
Emi gives the US premiere of Ferrandini's Concerto for Flute and Strings on the Baroque Flute with New York Baroque Incorporated. 
Amour Cruel
What if Louis XIV were living today and curated his court composers with musicians like Beyoncé, Lana del Rey, or Adele? Using 17th century French songs as inspiration Emi Ferguson’s debut album Amour Cruel, does just that, fusing together old instruments with modern styles and production to create an album full of soaring vocals accompanied by lush flutes, sparkling guitars, and a killer beat. 
A Finale, Firsts Included
2013-04-16 The New York Times, New York City
"This led to a mournfully beautiful solo for the wonderful flutist Emi Ferguson that brought her from breathy bursts to lithe melodies [who] also had a riveting role in Mr. Astapov's "Myths of Ancient Bosphorus." "Its first movement featured yet another sweet, sinuous line from Ms. Ferguson, the evening's under-the-radar star."
(Zachary Woolfe)
REVIEW from 2013-04-16