Emi Ferguson

(c) Emi Ferguson, Salon de Virtuosi
Credits: Filmed by Kenneth Kato

Emi Ferguson plays Paganini's Violin Caprice no.5 live on the flute

Stealing violin music one piece at a time...
Although this virtuosic masterpiece was originally written for the violin, it translates so well to the flute - showing off the incredible range, depth, and possibilities of such a truly virtuosic instrument. Emi's arrangement captures the brilliance of Paganini's writing while adapting it to better suit the demands of the flute. Watch more of her videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/emiflutes

This video was filmed by Kenneth Kato as part of Charlotte White's Salon de Virtuosi concert series (www.sdev.org) in New York City. Emi was a 2014 Salon de Virtuosi grant winner.
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