Elvina Mullina

soprano voice
Concert performance
Elvina at the concert.
Queen of the Night
"Il campanello" Serafina
The photo from the opera  "Il campanello" by G. Donizetti. Petrozavodsk. Elvina Mullina as Serafina.
Rosina in "Il Barbiere di Siviglia"
The photo from the opera performance in Petrozavodsk.
As Violetta in "La Traviata"
The photo from "La Traviata" in Petrozavodsk Opera Theatre.
Video / Audio
"Nightingale" by A. Alyabyev
One of the most famous Russian romances "Nightingale" by A. Alyabyev. 2015
Elvina Mullina as Queen of the Night
The Petrozavodsk Opera theatre . Elvina Mullina is singing the 2nd aria  of the  Queen of night.
"Una voce poco fa" by Elvina Mullina
The performance in  Petrozavodsk Opera (Russia).