Duo Transatlantique


Formed in 2002, Duo Transatlantique combines the prize-winning talents of guitarists Benjamin Beirs and Maud Laforest. Soon after beginning their studies at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, the two decided to form a guitar duo, under the guidance of Julian Gray, an acclaimed chamber musician and founder of the Gray-Pearl guitar duo. In 2005, Ben embarked on his first journey to France, where the duo won first prize in the Union Française des Artistes Musiciens Guitar Duo Competition and played a concert in the American Cathedral in Paris. Since then, they have continued touring annually. Currently, both Ms. Laforest and Mr. Beirs are living in France.


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      Duo Transatlantique in London
      Ben and Maud playng Paulo Bellinatti's Jongo in London. 
      Duo Transatlantique
      Benjamin Biers, guitar
      Maud LaForest, guitar  
      DT in DC at the KC
      The Duo Transatlantique plays Pierre Petit's Toccata at the Kennedy Center. 
      Superbe ce midi, au Mans,
       Le Mans ,

      Superbe ce midi, au Mans, le Duo Transatlantique est à Montfort, ce soir

      Si vous les avez manqués ce midi, tout n'est pas perdu. Il vous reste une chance d'aller écouter et applaudir Maud Laforest et Ben Biers, les deux guitaristes du Duo Transatlantique aujourd'hui. Après leur très beau concert. … Que du bonheur !"

      REVIEW from
      Duo Transatlantique
      Maude LaForest, guitar
      Benjamin Biers, guitar  
      2010-10-01 Kidderminster Shuttle,
      ""This classical guitar duo may come from different countries – France and America – but they gave a faultless display of ensemble work." ~Kidderminster Shuttle, October 2010 "
      REVIEW from 2010-10-01  
      Duo Transatlantique
      Benjamin Biers, guitar
      Maude LaForest, guitar  
      2011-07-01 Guitar Classique Magazine,

      "This duo impresses by the synergy it displays in a repertoire both varied and ambitious."


      (Stephane Hudson)
      REVIEW from 2011-07-01  
      Duo Transatlantique Concert - South Bay Guitar Society