Dominik Jakšič

conductor, composer, piano
Dominik Jakšič(1995) is, according to critics, among the most propulsive young musicians who are creating in their personal music language. He is active in different fields: creative –as composer, music publicist and organizer; and performing –as conductor, pianist, organist, violinist and bassist. He is conductor of men choir Sedraž and artistic director of festival “Music afternoons with Anton Lajovic”, which is among the tree most important (classical) music festivals in Slovenia. Dominik also gives lectures on the seminars, organized by the festival.As conductor he has been working with many orchestras, among them Anton Lajovic chamber orchestra, choirs Jevnica, Sedraž, Laško, Jagnjenica, Češnje. In future his engagements willinclude orchestras from Orvieto, Rome, Ljubljana ...Dominik’s compositions have been performed in Slovenia, Germany, Croatia, Dennmark, Russia, Austria, Malta, France, Italy, Bosnia, Serbia, Switzerland, United States of America, Brasil and Argentina. Asvery young he established his own compositional style, following the role model Lucijan Marija Škerjanc and based on colorful harmonies and orchestration and rich melodies. Opus includes more than a hundred works, from lieders, chamber music, piano compositions, concertos, to choral and orchestral works, two cantatas, scenic music and two operas.He has been receiving knowledge from the most prominent composers, conductors and musicians such as John Corigliano, Emmanuel Villaume, Ursula Oppens, Berislav Šipuš, Davorin Kempf, Naci Ozguc, Marko Mihevc, Ante Knešaurek, Ambrož Čopi, Tomaž Sevšek Šramel ...
He started with music education at his parents (theory and piano) and grandmother (cello and harmony).For many years he has been active as music publicist-he is author of many programme notes, series of articles is prepared to be published –and pedagogue, as one of the most sought-after individual teachers for harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, analysis and form. His books for Harmony, Counterpoint, Instrumentation and Forms are in stage before the print.Dominik has began his formal musical education in 2001, learning violin, piano and later also accordeon, bass accordeon and viola at the Music school in Radeče (SLO). The studies have been completed in 2010 when he enrolled for a Conservatory of music and ballet in Ljubljana (SLO) to study composition and music theory. After four years he graduated. He study composition at the Music academy with Marko Mihevc.He makes his home in Ljubljana.

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Short Profile

NameJakšič, Dominik
Date of Birth1995-07-24
Born inSlovenia, Europe
Home LocationLjubljana, Slovenia
Main languageSlovenian
Additional languages Croatian,  English,  German,  Serbian,  Russian 
attended UniversitiesAcademy of Music Ljubljana
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