Dimitris Kotronakis

Dimitris Kotronakis has built a reputation as one of the preeminent guitarists of his generation.

His seventh CD, titled "Toryanse" was released in spring 2016 in USA by Soundset Records. This CD contains solo guitar pieces of modern repertory. Most of them have a virtuosic character that goes beyond the upper levels of classical guitar mastery.

No less than the prestigious publication "Classical Guitar Magazine" wrote about Dimitris's recordings, "...the speed at which Kotronakis can 'knock out' some of this music is quite breathtaking...this is a startlingly exciting recording which captures the amazing artistry of a very distinct player".

Besides, the classical music portal "classical.net" wrote, "Kotronakis performs with perhaps one of the most virtuosic techniques in modern times, and a deep passion that make him a stand out in the classical guitar world".

He has appeared as a soloist throughout Greece, Europe, China, North and South America, and he has been awarded many prizes in international guitar competitions.

He holds a doctoral degree from the Musicology department of the University of Athens and he is particularly occupied with the world of guitar in Greece.
latest News
New Album 14. May 2016

The new album by Dimitris, titled "Toryanse", has been released by Soundset Recordings, in the USA. It includes contemporary works for guitar by Piazzolla, Ourkouzounov, Domeniconi, Assad, Drozd, Rak and Moraitis. (www.soundset.com/cd_detail.php?disc=844)

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Short Profile

NameKotronakis, Dimitris
Date of Birth1973-09-17
Born inGreece, Europe
Home LocationAthens, Greece
Main languageGreek, Modern (1453-)
Additional languages English 
attended UniversitiesInternational Athens Conservatory, University of Athens - Department of Music Studies

Dimitris Kotronakis plays Adagio op. 44 by Gerard Drozd. Nakas music hall, April 11th, 2014 
CD Review
"it is obvious that Kotronakis has a tremendous technique. His playing is clean, and his rhythms are ultra-crisp...He is too talented not to become known the world over, though, and one of the major labels should sign him up immediately"
(Raymond Tuttle)
A Step to Paradise - Toccata In BLue
Dimitirs Kotronakis plays A step to Paradise and Toccata in blue by Carlo Domeniconi 
Dimitris Kotronakis
"Dimitris Kotronakis demonstrated just how awesome this instrument can be. From the opening transcription of the Bach Chaconne in D minor, to the closing work, Raphael Fays', Dans Yeux of Michelle and Romantic Voyage, this artist wowed devotees with technique that can only be described as Paganiniesque... In the two pieces by the Greek composer Thanassis Moraitis, Dimitris played with the soul of his country and the sensitivity of a true artists. Pyrotechnic passages were balanced by subtle, tender, heart-touching interpretations of lyrical phrases that stopped this listener to attend... We look forward to having Mr. Kotronakis back to the Marlow Series soon"
(Deborah Drayer)
 Classical Guitar Magazine,
"the speed at which Kotronakis can 'knock out' some of this music is quite breathtaking. Beginning with jazz works Kotronakis demonstrates well his capabilities (and understanding of this form) in passages of high velocity sitting alongside brief excursions into slow sensitivity and by the time the classic Reinhardt Nuages has been put to bed the idea emerges that here is a performer of extraordinary technique of musicianship. If further proof were needed to reveal the graceful side of this player, it comes with the first and third of the set of works by the Brazilian guitarist Marco Pereira - lovely compositions, exquisitely performed...The remaining items are exceedingly well presented and especial mention ought to be given to the Paco de Lucia classic La Cueva del Gato, which if one didn't know to the contrary, you would be forgiven for thinking that this was the great man himself playing. Altogether this is a startlingly exciting recording which captures the amazing artistry of a very distinct player"
(Steve Marsh)
Dimitris Kotronakis plays Balalaika by Štěpán Rak. Nakas music hall, April 11th, 2014 
Kotronakis Dimitris, Echomythia
 Soundboard magazine, Vol XXXVII, No 2 ,
"Kotronakis immediately establishes himself as a player of boundless technique and stylistic range. He sounds like a one-man Quintet of the Hot Club of Paris. It is very impressive playing... It is a daring player who takes on music of Paco de Lucia, but Kotronakis pulls it off... Kotronakis can really fly around the guitar. An impressive disc, well recorded"
(Albert Kunze)
Dimitirs Kotronakis plays Zita by Astor Piazzolla. "Toryanse" album, released in 2016 by Soundset Recordings (www.soundset.com/cd_detail.php?disc=844) 
Fantasia Carioca
Dimitris Kotronakis plays Fantasia Carioca by Sergio Assad 
Sketch no. 9
Dimitirs Kotronakis plays Sketch no. 9 by Greek composer Thanassis Moraitis. "Toryanse" album, released in 2016 by Soundset Recordings (www.soundset.com/cd_detail.php?disc=844) 
Dimitris Kotronakis Guitar Concert
 facetofaceguitar.com, Baltimore
"The virtuosic Greek guitarist displayed a large range of repertoire that few guitarist command with such natural nuances and artistic phrasing. Kotronakis has exposed the next generation of players to a technique truly one of a kind... It is obvious why Kotronakis is in such high demand by his audiences"
(Chris Dunn)