Deniz Sever

composer, conductor

In June of 2003 I prepared Deniz Sever for the entrance exam at the Saint-Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov State Concervatory.He was accepted in,2003 to Prof.Yuri FALIK's composition class.Along with this successful education area,we continued to work at his conducting skills and as a result he became Vasily SINAISKY's student at the conducting department at the same school.  Deniz Sever graduated as a composer and conductor from Rimsky-Korsakov State Concervatory.I've known him and watched his growth for many years now,and his working discipline,musical talent and skills,his investigative,questioning and detemined personality has impressed me very much and gained my appreciation.   His ability to work in a team and his coordination with the orchestra will be very helpful in his future works.I sincerely believe that he will make a very successful career as a conductor and as a composer.     

Dr Vladimir A.ALTSCHULER (PhD)-Conductor of the Saint-Petersburg Philharmonic Academic Symphony Orchestra,Saint-Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov State Concervatory Professor.    
Mr. Sever joined Istanbul State Opera and Ballet on May 15th,2011 and since he has been working at our company as a repetitor and conductor.I firmly believe that his success will increasingly continue in his future performances.    

Suat ARIKAN-Istanbul State Opera and Ballet Manager and Artistic Director

Deniz Sever is a promising artist who is qualified in composition,symphonic and opera orchestra conducting.As well as his education in Saint-Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov State Concervatory,he worked with me on conducting skills for almost two years.In this time period I've witnessed that he is a highly talented,well-disciplined,hard working artist and a inspiring musician.  

Prof.Gürer AYKAL- Honorary Conductor of Borusan İstanbul Philarmonic Orchestra

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Short Profile

NameSever, Deniz
Date of Birth1979-11-11
Born inTurkey, Asia
Home Locationİstanbul, Turkey
Main languageTurkish
Additional languages English,  Russian 
attended UniversitiesSaint-Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov State Concervatory
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