Demeniv Mihaly


Mihály DEMENIV was born in Ukraine in 1991 of accordionist and teacher parents. In 2003 the family moved to Hungary at the invitation of the Music School of Tatabánya. As Mihály had listened to the accordion at home since early childhood, there was no doubt that he would choose this instrument himself. He received his first junior accordion at the age of four, and in 2011 he was admitted to the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest, where he is currently working toward his MA diploma under László Ernyei. Already as a child he was awarded at several international competitions, and his successes continued in accordion youth competitions in Hungary as well. He achieved international recognition at the Castelfidardo International Accordion Festival in 2009, which was followed in 2010 by his successful participation in international accordion competitions organized in Varazdin and Dunaszerdahely, then Kligenthal, Pula and Sarajevo. He won first prize at the 2011 Coupe Jeunesse competition in Bratislava and at the Lanciano International Accordion Competition in 2013. He was finalist and Special Award winner of the Hungarian Television's classical music talent show Virtuózok (Virtuosos), where he overwhelmed the jury and the public alike with his virtuosity and musicality. Mihály considers his accordionist parents as his most important role models. For him, to convey his innermost thoughts through musical expression is even more important than recognition.

He believes that a significant implication of his participation in the Hungarian Television's classical music talent show Virtuózok (Virtuosos) – wherein he was finalist and Special Award winner – was that he could contribute to the promotion of the accordion as a classical instrument. One of his most memorable concerts was his solo recital given on 31 January 2015 in the Solti Hall of the Liszt Academy.

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