"Outstandingly talented and creative musicians"
Musikverein Wien

"Einfach grandios"
Martin Hagen, SWR2

Matthias Keller, BR Klassik

"Duo Aliada inspired me from the first moment I heard them. Both musicians are one with their instruments and play with virtuosic musicianship, which one cannot resist"
Angelika Möser

“Watching and listening to these young talents is absolutely out of this world”
Adrian Quanjer, HRaudio.net

“(…)Vous l’aurez compris, cet opus est à écouter sans réserve”
Michel Lambert, Crescendo Magazine

“Duo Aliada – meaning both a highly cultivated, lively and expressive tone, excellent interplay and a winning virtuosity”
Dr. Susanne Schulte, Summerwinds Festival

"An original repertoire, brilliant sound, creative intelligence and stunning stage presence”
Teodoro Anzellotti


Saxophone and accordion are perhaps most often associated with jazz and folk music, and yet in the hands of Duo Aliada they become instruments of subtle, classical perfection. 

High levels of both technical skill and emotional capacity allow Duo Aliada to offer an impressive range of beloved repertoire, spanning from the 17th to the 20th century. Not only does their playing emphasize the limitless potential of these instruments, it also explores a whole new world of sound for classical music. The name “Aliada” means alliance and Duo Aliada is exactly that: an unlikely alliance between saxophone and accordion, one the audience won’t soon forget.


Duo Aliada re-discovers music of the past, presenting it with an amazing display of instrumental virtuosity, classical transcription authenticity and glorious sonority. Whether the music hails originally from the 17th or 20th century the effect achieved by Duo Aliada is staggering. It is my genuine belief that if any of the composers of the works contained in the “New colours of the past” were able to hear Michał Knot and Bogdan Laketic perform, they would be the first to leap to their feet with a standing ovation.

Kenneth Morris
UK Clarinet&Saxophone Magazine


Reviews of Duo Aliada debut album "NEW COLOURS OF THE PAST" (Ars Produktion)

KLASSIK HEUTE - 10/10/10 (CD of the week)
SWR 2 - Recommended CD
BR KLASSIK - Recommended CD
RADIO KLASSIK - CD of the day
CRESCENDO MAGAZINE - 10/10/10 (Joker Award)
HR AUDIO - 5 stars
MEAKULTURA.PL - Recommended CD



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NameDUO ALIADA Founded2013
Home LocationVienna, Austria
Main languageEnglish Additional languages German,  Italian,  Polish,  Serbian 
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