Cyprien Katsaris

Cyprien Katsaris in Bayreuth
Katsaris playing on the Steingraeber piano played by Liszt.
credits: Pol Haler
Video / Audio
Cyprien Katsaris - interviewed by Olivier Bellamy on Radio Classique (19/09/2011)
C. Katsaris hosted by Olivier Bellmay in his programme "Passion Classique" broadcast on the French classical music radio station "Radio Classique".
credits: Photo: © Jean-Baptiste Millot
Cyprien Katsaris - interviewed by Kacky Walton on WKNO-FM 91.1, Memphis (19/05/2011)
Interview with Kacky Walton, Music Coordinator for NPR affiliate station WKNO-FM in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

This interview took place on the occasion of Cyprien Katsaris' US concerts on 21 & 22 May 2011 in Germantown at the Germantown Performing Arts Center and in Memphis at the First Congregational Church, both with the Eroica Ensemble conducted by Michael Gilbert.
Cyprien Katsaris - interviewed by Cathy Fuller on 99.5 Boston's All Classical Station (09/02/2009)
Classical Music with Cathy Fuller • Station Name: 99.5 Boston's All Classical Station, a service of WGBH • Host: Cathy Fuller • Producer: Alan McLellan • Engineer: Jane Pipik
credits: Photo: © Jean-Baptiste Millot
Cyprien Katsaris - interviewed by Marc Castelain on radio RTBF "Musiq3" (23/04/2005)
C. Katsaris hosted by Marc Castelain in his programme "L'Art du Piano" broadcast on the Belgian classical music radio station "Musiq 3" (RTBF).
credits: Photo: © Jean-Baptiste Millot