Cyprien Katsaris


Cyprien Katsaris, worldwide renowned French-Cypriot pianist and composer.


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Photo © Carole Bellaiche

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Cyprien Katsaris - interviewed by Cathy Fuller on 99.5 Boston's All Classical Station (09/02/2009)
Classical Music with Cathy Fuller • Station Name: 99.5 Boston's All Classical Station, a service of WGBH • Host: Cathy Fuller • Producer: Alan McLellan • Engineer: Jane Pipik 
Cyprien Katsaris - interviewed by Kacky Walton on WKNO-FM 91.1, Memphis (19/05/2011)
Interview with Kacky Walton, Music Coordinator for NPR affiliate station WKNO-FM in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

This interview took place on the occasion of Cyprien Katsaris' US concerts on 21 & 22 May 2011 in Germantown at the Germantown Performing Arts Center and in Memphis at the First Congregational Church, both with the Eroica Ensemble conducted by Michael Gilbert. 
Cyprien Katsaris - interviewed by Marc Castelain on radio RTBF "Musiq3" (23/04/2005)
C. Katsaris hosted by Marc Castelain in his programme "L'Art du Piano" broadcast on the Belgian classical music radio station "Musiq 3" (RTBF). 
Cyprien Katsaris - interviewed by Olivier Bellamy on Radio Classique (19/09/2011)
C. Katsaris hosted by Olivier Bellmay in his programme "Passion Classique" broadcast on the French classical music radio station "Radio Classique". 
Cyprien Katsaris in Bayreuth
Katsaris playing on the Steingraeber piano played by Liszt.