Composer and Pianist MarcoFlores-Villanueva

Since his years as a student in Music Composition at Boston Conservatory, he has showed both outstanding talent and also a promising future, which is likely to deeply impact the American music and culture. His work shows not only a mastered understanding of Music Theory but also an unquestionable, special, and unparalleled beauty in his voice. A remarkable man –prodigiously talented as well as journalist and poet, Flores-Villanueva displace a unique artistic personality and background very difficult to find in one individual person. Because of his multitalented skills, while working at honorem at the General Consulate of Peru in Boston he was awarded for his leadership by Mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino. He was also honored by holding the representation in the United States of the Peruvian National Institute of Culture in 1999. His emotional and dramatic Adagio for Strings "To an Unknown Soldier Who Return Home", which received its premiere at Berkley College of Music, one of the most prestigious music schools worldwide, was a huge success. Among others who showered him with praise for his work are former President George W. Bush, former Vice- President Dick Cheney, and former First Lady Laura Bush. All of these personages hailed the work as a patriotic master piece. His poetic and unique piano music is very challenging to perform and it is truly a contribution to American culture and music. After his CD "A Window To My Soul", Flores-Villanueva recently recorded a CD/DVD titled "About Me" with the prestigious label Triton Music Services, a record company who hosts international and acclaimed artists worldwide. He lives with his wife Ludmila Maria in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Biography by Triton Music Services                           

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