Clio Em

composer, mezzo or alto voice
(c) Music, production, and recording Copyright © 2015-2016 Clio Montrey (as Clio Em). All Rights Reserved. Film Copyright © 2016 Halina Montrey (as Hali Rey). All Rights Reserve
Credits: MUSIC Clio Em FILM Hali Rey FOLK VIOLIN dea.nice

Serge's Song

"The first notes drift in as if from a dream, slow, tentative. The next notes dance. The following notes weep. Serge manages to play a melody that strikes me to my core."
From the album and novel GRAVITY WING by Clio Em -->

A baroque viola tune interpreted on folk violin, with electronic sci-fi facets. Serge plays a beloved song for Isabel that tells a story of tragedy and love. In Serge’s Song, two machines move in a mechanical minuet.
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