Clio Em

composer, mezzo or alto voice

composer | mezzo-soprano

Clio is a dynamic and musically sensitive singer and composer.

Classical |
Crossover folktronica |

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twitter | @ClioEm

latest News
My Novel + Soundtrack Gravity Wing Successfully Funded 20. Mar 2017

Elated to announce that I ran a successful campaign on Indiegogo that exceeded its goal of $5000, making my tour of Canada (and a planned stop back in Vienna!) possible. I trended among all worldwide projects, at one point reaching #12, and was #2 in the Writing category.

Notes from orbit: https://cl...

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Short Profile

NameMontrey, Clio
Main languageEnglish
Additional languages French,  German,  Polish,  Spanish; Castilian 
attended Universities McGill, MDW Vienna, Konservatorium Wien

Clio Em | Gravity Wing
From the Gravity Wing photoshoot. March 2015, Vienna. 
"Green has always been my favourite colour.
This shade reminds me of the conifer trees
In the valleys, here in the New Rockies
When viewed through falling snow."
From the album and novel GRAVITY WING by Clio Em -->
A postmodern virelai, green the colour become swirling sound. 
Serge's Song
"The first notes drift in as if from a dream, slow, tentative. The next notes dance. The following notes weep. Serge manages to play a melody that strikes me to my core."
From the album and novel GRAVITY WING by Clio Em -->

A baroque viola tune interpreted on folk violin, with electronic sci-fi facets. Serge plays a beloved song for Isabel that tells a story of tragedy and love. In Serge’s Song, two machines move in a mechanical minuet. 
FILM Hali Rey
"I dream that I am wearing the black dress in the ballroom... to escape, I turn
into a raven. My wings carry me out the window."
From the album and novel GRAVITY WING by Clio Em -->
Music recorded on an antique acoustic piano and subsequently electronically transformed.
Music, text, performance and recording Copyright © 2015 Clio Montrey (as Clio Em). All Rights Reserved.
Film Copyright © 2016 Halina Montrey (as Hali Rey). All Rights Reserved. 
Clio Em Premieres GRAVITY WING in Montreal
2015-09-01 I care if you listen (.com), New York City

"Clio quickly created an intimate and friendly atmosphere, inviting us to enter into a world of science fiction: not only is the music otherworldly, but the storyline is also based on a work-in-progress science-fi novel by the artist."

"At first, one may find that these are only simple folk songs, but pay attention. The songs are very well written and not just because they're catchy. Comprising a well-balanced pot-pourri of multiple inspirations, they are as easy to listen to as they are intelligent and inspired."

"In conclusion, if you want to listen to serialism and post-war music, don't look to her. But if you're curious about what type of music a child of the 21st-century can create, follow her, step by step."

(Maurice- Du Berger)
REVIEW from 2015-09-01  
The Dual Muse
The Dual Muse | a contemporary intervention in Ferdinand III's baroque opera, Drama Musicum
Composition and performance Copyright © 2014 Clio Montrey.
Video by Karlheinz Essl.

A cooperation between the Austrian National Library and the mdw. Kaiser Ferdinand III. "Drama musicum", 1649, with 21st century interventions. Collegium musicum mdw. Electroacoustic compositions: Class of Karlheinz Essl. Direction: Ingomar Rainer. World Premiere May 12, 2014 in the Austrian National Library at the Hofburg Palace, Vienna. Costume (not depicted) by Halina Montrey (

I portray the Dual Muse, who is embodying the impulses of both Amor Divino (heavenly love) and Amor Protervo (earthly love). The character Giovinetto must choose an Amor. The Dual Muse presents both sides. Which one will he choose?