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Our goal is to provide outstanding advice and opportunities for our artists with the best orchestras, opera companies, choral groups, chamber music and recital presenters.  Our roster is composed of a number of very special hand-picked talents who will rise to the top of their respective fields with our help.  The beauty of great music is what we wish to spread to every corner of the world because it transcends all differences of language and culture.

We're often asked how and why we have selected the artists currently on our roster.  These performers have already distinguished themselves by being thoughtful, mature human beings, responsible in their approach to both their art and their lives.  We have, first of all, evaluated their skills and identified them as being exceptional among those within their individual fields.  As lifelong musicians ourselves, with careers as buyers and presenters of musical artists to provide a context, we believe in them.

In the case of our conductors, we place primary value on training, experience, and demonstrated artistry and communication.  Although the young genius syndrome that has emerged in recent years strikes a note of romantic hope in the face of desperation about the future of orchestras, time has shown that despite the rare authentic and durable young geniuses, areas that we deem critical to overall and sustainable success with audiences and collaborating musicians have a better chance in the hands of a master.  Historically, a master (aka maestro) in any profession earned that designation which, unfortunately, has become a universal salutation in the orchestra world.  

We honor and believe in experience.  You will notice that all of our conductors have experience that is 3-D: deep, durable, and diverse.  This doesn't make them more expensive, but it makes them a far better bet to be successful with any orchestra….whether they are European or American (and some are both).  The role of a conductor or music director in the complex milieu that is an orchestra today calls for a completed journey of artistry and leadership, not a journeyman.  Chesapeake International Artists is proud to specialize in the Complete conductor.

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