Chad Lawson


"The classical cd for people that hate classical music."     - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

As a Steinway artist with a #1 Billboard Classical release, Chad Lawson has a different approach to classical music; don't make it classical.  Along with the violinist from Lady Gaga and the cellist from Kanye West, the trio has turned the classical world on its head as it has 'deconstructed Chopin' into a modern-day/minimalist landscape.  And the response? #1 Billboard Classical, #1 iTunes Classical, #1 Amazon (all genres) & #1 Amazon Classical. 

 The Huffington Post called it "Intricate elegance" while NPR's All Things Considered said "You haven't heard the Polish composer performed the way Chad Lawson plays him."  Lawson simply wanted to re-introduce Chopin to the Spotify generation.  The generation where genres no longer apply. Where it's music nothing more.

latest News
The Dreamiest Chopin You've ever heard 08. Apr 2015

WRTI radio of Philadellphia, PA (US) invited Lawson into the studio to talk about his #1 release, The Chopin Variations.

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Short Profile

NameLawson, Chad
Born inUnited States, North America
Home LocationCharlotte, United States
Main languageEnglish
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