Cem Babacan


British conductor, Howard Griffiths described him as''despite his young age,he reached a level of mastery in the instrument with a breathtaking performance''on
Switzerland papers and press. Fazıl Say said ''he is an extraordinary talent
and virtuoso, his performance is so poetic''.

Cem Babacan, performed his first recital in Europe which was staged International Serignan Piano Festival, just after he had received his first prize in 2007 in Yves Nat International Piano Competition. In 2008 he was invited to perform in a concert in New York Steinway Hall.At the same year he was honored with "Yamaha Scholarship" and completed his education in Hacettepe University State Conservatory with a highest score.Immediately after his graduation he was accepted to Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. He carried his education in another four years under the supervision of Alexander Mndoyants and his assistant Ekaterina Mechetina. In these four years he obtained the first place in every competition that he had participated like;2. National Kamuran Gündemir piano competition(2011),1. National Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory piano competition(2012) and Gümüşlük A.A.Saygun piano competition(2013). He also won third prize in Puigcerda International Piano Competition in Spain. (2014)

In the spring of 2012 he had a magnificient performance in Zurich,Tonhalle; the 'debut' recital had captured the headlines on the Swiss Media. After this successful performance he was invited to Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester as soloist.

In June 2012 he graduated  from Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory with a'red diploma' which is the highest degree of the university.

Additionaly, Babacan has performed  with the Ankara Presidental Symphony Orchestra , the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality Symphony Orchestra ,Izmir State Symphony Orchestra, Hacettepe University Symphony Orchestra, Bursa Region Symphony orchestra, Orchestra Academic Baskent, Gazi Chamber Orchestra and the Mersin Opera Orchestra as a soloist. He performed with the conductors like Ibrahim Yazıcı, Francesco La Vecchia, Alessandro Cedrone, Francesco di Mauro,Filippo Arlia, Alparslan Ertungealp, Burak Tuzun, Isın Metin. Artist, currently takes place in various concerts at home and abroad, and continues his projects.

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Short Profile

NameBabacan, Cem
Date of Birth1988-04-16
Born inTurkey, Asia
Home LocationAnkara, Turkey
Main languageTurkish
Additional languages English,  Russian 
attended UniversitiesMoscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory