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Vibrant, energetic and joyful, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra takes a long-term view on music, with no professional compromise.

In its eight years, the mission of the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra was the focus on bringing music closer to the lives of many different people by attracting, educating and developing a wide variety of music fans. Salut CULTURA! musical season seeks to provide a wide range of interest to the audience, by presenting worldwide renowned artists and the most valuable music. This innovative project brought together the emotions along with the value to the knowledge acquired in the search for the essence of music interpretation.

The flexibility of choice in music genres was the cornerstone of the concerts between 2007-2015. Choosing a complete range of music styles, starting with classical and juggling with pop, rock and crossover, Bucharest Symphony captivated both the specialists and the music lovers. Thus, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra and the joint-projects involved artists of international reputation, such as the sopranos Angela Gheorghiu, Sarah Brightman, Tarja Turunen, Irina Baianț, Tina Munteanu, the tenors Teodor Ilincăi, Marcel Pavel, Vlad Miriţă, the violinists Alexandru Tomescu, Gabriel Croitoru, Corina Belcea, Toto Cutugno, the "Phoenix" band.

BSO attended several notable concerts and cultural events such as "Earth Hour", Europe Day – May 9, New Music International Week – SIMN, The Masterpiece, The Beatles as performed by Bucharest Symphony Orchestra, Tarja Turunen - The Beauty and the Beat tour, Sarah Brightman in Bucharest. While touring abroad, Bucharest Symphony Orchestra was invited to attend the 14th Edition of the "Rencontres de Calenzana" International Festival in Corsica / France. The orchestra performed twice, together with Eric Lacrouts – prime concertmaster of National Opera in Paris and the pianist Pierre Réach.

Bucharest Symphony Orchestra attended in Brussels, Belgium, the world premiere of the Oratorio Le Mystere du Salut. The event was produced under the Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Paola of Belgium and was broadcasted live and is recorded on DVD.

A truly ambitious project, the concert and cultural events tour "Bucharest Symphony Orchestra – The first Romanian orchestra in South America" represents the most important achievement of the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra. It's been the first large scale concert tour of a Romanian first class orchestra in South America. This cultural historical event was appointed by the Cultural Association Mozarteum Brasileiro and held between October 29 – November 12, 2013 with the support of the Government of Romania and Apa Nova Bucureşti S.A. Romania as a country name, will be known and well received in this new world by the fact that music, culture and art together, along with the performance of our athletes, represent one excellent ambassador around the globe, with great reputation and trust benefits of image results obtained in a relatively very short time.

On the occasion of celebration the three year's anniversary of the Bucharest Airports National Company, the most acclaimed event produced in 2013 was the flash mob held in February at the Bucharest International Airport "Henri Coandă". A BSO product, the video was featured on Euronews and several media channels and got over 200.000 views and thousands of likes and positive comments on YouTube in just two weeks. Now, the movie has over 500.000 views and counting.

Bucharest Symphony Orchestra attended by appointment the most acclaimed concert of the "Bucharest Music & Film Festival" in 2013. The outstanding artist that put his Strad at work with BSO is George Tudorache, Prime Concertmaster of the London Philharmonic Orchestra/UK and Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège / Belgium. This cultural event enjoyed over 2.000 music lovers.

Bucharest Symphony is known for its premium concert series such as: "Masterpieces of Great Composers", "Sympho POPS", "Sympho KIDS". Starting with 2010, Bucharest Symphony has successfully launched Salut CULTURA!. The project focus is to promote the art of sound and interpretation. Salut CULTURA! focuses on encouraging music fans to enjoy our live symphony concerts as well as on educating and training children in the fascinating spirit of classical music. Our unique, complex and accessible programmes will easily find their way into the hearts and minds of our listeners. With this purpose in mind, Salut CULTURA! invites you to join highly professional cultural events which facilitate the understanding of music through open communication between audience and artists.

The first and second editions of the extraordinary New Year's concert, ended the Salut CULTURA! season of 2013 and 2014. The concert tickets have been sold two weeks in advance, both years in a row.

Besides the stage performing, the Bucharest Symphony has recorded two albums, released to public in the spring of 2013. Entitled "Very Classic", the first recording is signed by Marcel Pavel and features the most famous opera arias, chansonettes and crossover. The album was presented during a sold out gala concert at Sala Palatului.The second recording of the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra has been released at Brussels, Beligum. A world premiere recording of the complete orchestral works collection composed by Mel Bonis, a french, impressionism era composer, the CD is produced by appointment of the Belgian record label "Chant de Linos" and under the direction of the music director and principal conductor, Benoît Fromanger.

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