Bucharest Symphony Orchestra



In its eight years, the mission of the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra was the focus on bringing music closer to the lives of many different people by attracting, educating and developing a wide variety of music fans. Salut CULTURA! musical season seeks to provide a wide range of interest to the audience, by presenting worldwide renowned artists and the most valuable music. This innovative project brought together the emotions along with the value to the knowledge acquired in the search for the essence of music interpretation.

The flexibility of choice in music genres was the cornerstone of the concerts between 2007-2015. Choosing a complete range of music styles, starting with classical and juggling with pop, rock and crossover, Bucharest Symphony captivated both the specialists and the music lovers. Thus, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra and the joint-projects involved artists of international reputation, such as the sopranos Angela Gheorghiu, Sarah Brightman, Tarja Turunen, Irina Baianț, Tina Munteanu, the tenors Teodor Ilincăi, Marcel Pavel, Vlad Miriţă, the violinists Alexandru Tomescu, Gabriel Croitoru, Corina Belcea, Toto Cutugno, the "Phoenix" band.

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[Live] Bucharest Symphony Orchestra - BEETHOVEN / The Titan - Masterpieces of Great Composers
Full, live concert
Conductor: Benoit Fromanger
Soloist - Sergiu Tuhutiu

Egmont Ouverture
Piano Concerto no 5
5th Symphony 
Mel Bonis Mix
Together with Benoît Fromanger, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra had the extraordinary chance for a world premiere recording: the orchestral works of the french composer, Mel Bonis. Student of Cesar Franck and colleague of the great composer Claude Debussy, Melanie Bonis belongs to the french school of composition in the impressionism era (1858-1937). Her works are written for solo instruments, voice, chamber music ensembles and symphony orchestras.
The works for solo instruments, voice, chamber music ensembles are already recorded by renowned musicians in more than 30 CDs. The joint venture between the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra, the music director and principal conductor Benoît Fromanger and the belgian record label “Chant de Linos” drives to the world premiere recording of the orchestral works of the french composer, Mel Bonis.
Thinking about globalisation, this project brings value to the international music culture for the contribution of a romanian orchestra formed by valuable musicians to foster great musical works that belongs to the european heritage. 
Bucharest Symphony Orchestra
Bucharest Symphony Orchestra performing "Gone with the music" Sympho POPS concert series. 
Bucharest Symphony Orchestra
Bucharest Symphony Orchestra in concert, at the Radio Hall, Bucharest. 
Bucharest Symphony Orchestra
Bucharest Symphony Orchestra perfoming the extraordinary New Year Concert 2015