Brigitte Ulbrich Voicecoach/Speaking, Professional Speaker, Balance Coaching

mezzo or alto voice, narrator
Hi there, I'm Brigitte.

I coach musicians, managers, performers, everybody interested, to unfold and use their voices when speaking more authentically, more clearly and more self-confidently.

I support you to improve your speaking techniques to speak more clearly, authentically, accent reduced and with more charism and self-esteem. I offer high-potential coachings for presentations, speeches and leadership matters.

Some notes:

Voice and language is very close to music, reflects emotions and feelings, various instruments. To speak effectively means to communicate clear thoughts, be precise for yourself and for others, achieve resonance. Inner and outer balance, working with your own voice, without valuing or rating, is the basis for development and for effective and authentic expression.

I work with voice and language on developing effective voice and speaking skills - elocution, pronunciation, speaking techniques, articulation, breathing techniques, relaxation and balance, voice training.

The methods I use are from ATT® voice coaching (, coaching and applied linguistics, S.C.I.L. performance coaching and a specialized qualification in voice-work (Art&Health - Breathing, Voice and music education) at the music university vienna.

I'm a member of the International voice experts network

I love story-telling, once played the violin and was singing as a mezzo and alto in professional chamber choirs for old and new music (e.g. cappella nova graz).

German and English
latest News
Upcoming events 02. Apr 2016

Upcoming events:

April, 11-16, 2016
Talks and face-to-face coachings - Voice and Health, unfolding your voice for speaking
International Voice Day (16/04/2016)
Information and details:
Tel. 0699 18122236 Looking forward to seeing you!

June 2, 2016
Talk about Voice Wellness: Voice com...

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Short Profile

NameUlbrich, Brigitte
Born inAustria, Europe
Home LocationVienna, Austria
Main languageGerman
Additional languages English 
attended UniversitiesUniversity Graz (K.F. University Graz); Music University Vianna; Kingsway Princeton College, London, UK