Boris Slutsky

Credits: scotjack

Antonin Dvořák's Piano Quintet, Op. 81 3rd Mvmt. Scherzo

This is the glorious third movement -- the Scherzo and features pianist Boris Slutsky. Unfortunately, from my camera position Boris is hardly visible, hidden as he is behind all the "eye candy" (albeit very talented candy), but he was spectacular!
This magnificent performance of Antonin Dvořák's Piano Quintet, Op. 81 was only one piece of a superb programme played by several of the master musicians who spend two weeks each year teaching at the annual International Academy of Music Festival in Tuscany. What makes this performance so remarkable is that these musicians only rehearsed together three times - and only then after a full day giving master classes to the students! It was performed in one of the beautiful old churches of Barga, Tuscany in 2005. What is it about Italian churches that gives them such good acoustics? Is it the abundance of marble? (This area has many marble quarries.)
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