Bernhard P. Eder

composer, conductor, baritone or bass voice, arranger
(c) Bernhard Eder

"conundrum" for 7 violins (2010)

1.Violine - Daniel Salecich
2.Violine - Seo Yulee
3.Violine - Yaromyr Babsky
4.Violine - Katharina Schwamm
5.Violine - Enikö Czellecz
6.Violine - Rusanda Panfili
7.Violine - Maria Ivanova Boneva

composed & conducted by Bernhard Eder


Recording of a live performance at the University of Music and performing Arts Vienna, Austria - May 7th 2010

About the piece itself:

I have composed  "conundrum" between October, 2009 and April, 2010.
I have tried out many new (at least for myself) elements of composition in this piece.

The idea behind it was the attempt to create as much rich timbres etc. as possible out of a limited tone and register space and sound space (as there also is the lack of other things as no deep tones/chords/sounds; also the ensemble builds a a homophone instrument combination with the same timbre relationship).

The violins are put up symmetrically in a semicircle, in order to create a kind of  "Real Life Dolby Surround sound" feeling of the melodic lines, sounds developments etc. by the different instruments in all possible directions and combinations (e.g., on the left - on the right, outside - inside, etc.) .

Besides, the 4th violin forms a kind of centre from which everything passes around the ball and from which as good as everything is initiated.
It was important for me, while writing the piece, to pay attention that the degree of technical difficulty is almost equal to the play within all 7 violins.
Actually an ideal piece for a big violin class, right? ^^

The world premiere of this piece took place in Tuesday, 27th April, 2010 in Joseph Haydn-Saal of the University of Music and performing Arts Vienna
within the scope of the class evening of the composition class Michael Jarrell (with whom I studied).
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