Bernhard P. Eder

composer, conductor, baritone or bass voice, arranger
(c) Bernhard Eder

"Days of Autumn & Wine" (2015)

music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Bernhard Philipp Eder (*1984)
performed by the "Triple-A-Consort" (Advanced Austrian Artists)
special thanks to Victor Gangl, Markus Zierhofer & Marina Vesic
Audio recording/editing/mix: Roland Schützenhofer
This file is a first mix and will be further worked on!
DAYS OF AUTUMN AND WINE, originally a short neoromantic piano piece intended for a protomional video, now recomposed and orchestrated for small orchestra.
A little exercise in orchestration so to speak ;-)
recorded on 10th January 2015 in Vienna, Austria
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