Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic


The idea of BYP is to create a new voice in the north: innovative, creative and outstanding. Music without borders. Believing that music knows no boundaries, limitations or borders. Not geographically, not between genres. Taking young musicians on a journey through the centuries, through styles, through performance practices, to create »generalists«, not specialists. Diving back to the roots of folk music, embracing contemporary and pop music, to emerge with a voice for today. Overcoming prejudice; tearing down boundaries within our heads.

Bringing together people from very different backgrounds as a living model not just of coexistence, but real cooperation and true understanding in a region historically divided by the sea, and by centuries of armed struggles and cold wars. Reversing that divisive attitude: seeing that the Baltic Sea actually connects all these countries. Experiencing unknown history and unfamiliar customs: learning from one's neighbours – behind the music stand in rehearsal, and through life on tour. Sharing knowledge, making history. Lending the region a voice: BYP is the cultural ambassador of Northern Europe, within the region and beyond – A New Voice in the North. BYP is the only orchestra aiming to bring together the musical youth of the entire Baltic Sea region; it was founded in 2008 by the Usedom Music Festival and Nord Stream AG. Since 2009, BYP has been an associate member of the European Federation of National Youth Orchestras (EFNYO).

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