Bartók-Davis-Kocsis - My little graceful girl, Nardis & Evening in Transylvania

Since 1st of January 2016 Bartók's music is royalty free. In celebraton of this event, we made this arrangement and video.
Music by Béla Bartók and Miles Davis, arranged by Olivér Kocsis, played by the Bachstage trio (Olivér Kocsis - piano, Gergely Bándi - guitar, Gábor Fánczi - doublebass).
'My little graceful girl' is originally a hungarian folk song, that was used by Bartók, and appeared in his book, called 'For children'. The song that can be heard at the same time on the piano is 'Nardis' by Miles Davis, then we can hear 'Evening in Transylvania', written by Béla Bartók. Recorded in the catholic church in Csömör, Hungary. Mixing and mastering by Zoltán Schmidt. Videos were shot in Csömör, Hungary.
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