Lidija and Sanja Bizjak studied in Belgrade before joining Jacques Rouvier's class at the Paris Conservatoire several years later. After initially pursuing careers as soloists, they launched also their duo career performing for the first time Medelssohn's concerto in 2002 with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. They won two special prizes at the ARD Munich Piano Duo competition in 2005. Their last CD for Onyx Classics dedicated to Poulenc Double piano concerto and Martiny Double piano concerto is receiving great critical acclaim from BBC Magazine, Gramophone, Télérama, Irish Time,…

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Martinu, Poulenc CD Review
2015-06-01 BBC MAGAZINE, London
""An excellent programme of 20th-century pieces for two pianos from this impressive duo of sisters. The lively textures and contrasts, bound to life, with grit and delicacy. »"
REVIEW from 2015-06-01  
Martinu, Poulenc CD Review
2015-04-13 The, London
""Wonderful stuff - an exciting, breezy recording.The mercurial outer movements (Martinu) are thrilling and sensationally played here by Lidija and Sanja Bizjak, flipping between percussive aggression and melting lyricism without breaking a sweat. Stravinsky's euphonious Sonata for two pianos receives a witty, taut performance, the central movement's variation theme nicely deadpan. A magnificently enjoyable disc. »"
(Graham Rickson)
REVIEW from 2015-04-13  
Martinu, Poulenc CD Review
2015-05-11 MusicWeb, City of London
""It is rare to find a single CD release with such fascinating twentieth-century repertoire as this. It comes from the Bizjak Piano Duo making its debut release on Onyx. These impressive sisters are on blistering form and play with intelligence, liveliness and considerable charm."
(Michael Cookson)
REVIEW from 2015-05-11  
Lidija and Sanja Bizjak I Piano Duo
Poulenc: Concerto for two pianos and orchestra. Live recording at Opéra de Vichy 
BBC Proms - St Saens "Carnaval des Animaux" with the Britten Sinfonia
2009-08-11 Telegraph, London
""Brethtakingly fine and delicate, not a hint of circus act. If concert promoters want to book a pair of piano-playing sisters, now they know where to go"

(Damian Thompson)
REVIEW from 2009-08-11  
Since winning two prizes at the ARD International Music Competition in 2005, Lidija & Sanja Bizjak have achieved worldwide praise for their solo piano and piano duo performances alike. For their debut recording on Onyx, they have created a superb program underpinned by two brilliant concertos for two pianos and orchestra by Poulenc and Martinu with the Stuttgater Philharmoniker under the baton of Radoslaw Szulc. These major works frame equally challenging compositions for two pianos alone by Stravinsky and Shostakovitch. 
Lidija and Sanja Bizjak I Piano Duo
Festival International de la Roque d'Anthéron 
Bizjak Piano Duo – Martinu, Poulenc CD for Onyx
2015-02-20 The Irish Times, Dublin
""Fizz, froth and high jinks characterise this album...""
(Michael Dervan)
REVIEW from 2015-02-20  
Martinu, Poulenc CD Review
2015-05-11 Falcinelli blog, Paris
""Leur toucher crépitant se joue de l'éblouissant Concerto composé par Martinů en 1943; le rebondissement ludique de leur articulation admirablement précise entraîne l'Allegro final dans un pétulant tourbillon que rien ne semble devoir enrayer, or ce Concerto abonde en périls
pour la synchronisation, tant entre les deux pianistes qu'entre ceux-ci (ou celles-ci) et l'orchestre! Nulle oreille – et cela vaut pour l'ensemble du disque – ne saurait distinguer l'une de l'autre tant leurs sonorités convergent en une harmonie fusionnelle. »

(Sylvaine Falcinelli, )
REVIEW from 2015-05-11  
Bizjak Piano Duo speaks about Poulenc - Universal Music
talking about Poulenc Concerto for two pianos and orchestra 
Poulenc 2 Pianos Concerto – recording session for Onyx
Extract of their Poulenc "Concerto for two pianos" recording session for Onyx Classics with the Stuttgarter Philharmoniker under the baton of Radoslaw Szulc.
This new Lidija & Sanja Bizjak's CD following their "Prix pro Scientia et Arte" at "Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad" 2014 
Stravinsky – The Rite of Spring, Petrouchka – for 4 hands
CD released for Mirare/Harmonia Mundi
"ffff" by Telerama 
Martinu, Poulenc CD Review
2015-05-04 Gramophone, London
""The Serbian-born sisters Lidija and Sanja Bizjak have devised a clever programme, pairing two concertos for two pianos and orchestra with two works for two pianos alone. Martinů's music sparkles under the Bizjaks' fingers… In the Poulenc Double Concerto, the soloists and the Stuttgart Philharmonic under Radoslaw Szulc bring all the fun of the fair to the exuberant opening movement…Argerich and Zilberstein gave us a spectacular live performance of Shostakovich's Concertino, but this one too has a vibrancy and panache as the young pair whoop it up in the Allegro's Russian-style boogie-woogie...The Bizjaks are perfectly attuned to the stop-start nature of that amorphous tune in the first movement of Stravinsky's Sonata...A disc that looks like it will be coming round for further mentions in the Awards season.""
(Adrian Edwards)
REVIEW from 2015-05-04  
Bizjak Piano Duo – Martinu, Poulenc CD for Onyx
2015-02-23 Télérama, Paris

Two pianos, four hands, one virtuosity: the Bizjak sisters take the listener away, while revealing one of Martinu's most unknown score.

"The multi-awarded tandem takes the listener far away by adding a dimension of joyfull complicity and of tenacious virtuosity to this tradition. Their Rite of Spring (cf. Stravinsky CD) brought back the dazzling freshness of the original four-hands version, played by Stravinsky and Debussy, a few months before the scandal of the Parisian creation in 1913. This marvellous and glaring CD, made us wonder how the duo could possibly repeat this recording masterstroke … They made it thanks to their curiosity, their knowledge of the repertoire and the complicity of the young Polish conductor Radoslaw Szulc."

(Gilles Macassar)
REVIEW from 2015-02-23  
Rzewski: Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues
Bunt Festival 2014 
Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story, for 2 pianos (part 2)
Festival International de la Roque d'Anthéron 2012 
Stravinsky CD "Le Sacre du Printemps" "Petrouchka"
2013-09-13 Télérama, Paris

"The Bizjak tandem celebrates the eternal Rite of Spring. We were KO'd! Two sisters, born in Belgrade, take up this challenge with a stunning brio. This black and white, x-rayed Stravinski's version is better than a lesson of symphonic anatomy: it is a study of algebra and musical alchemy." FFFF

(Gilles Macassar)
REVIEW from 2013-09-13  
Ravel – La Valse for two pianos
Festival International de Piano de la Roque d'Anthéron 2012

Nancarrow/Thomas Adès : Study for player piano n°7
Bunt Festival 2014 
Martinu, Poulenc CD Review
2015-03-23 The Herald Scotland, Edinburgh
""Now comes an absolute belter from the Serbian sisters Sanja and Lidija Bizjak, whose reputation is soaring: they've already appeared at the Royal Albert Hall Proms playing Carnival Of The Animals, and are noted for the electrifying immediacy of their playing. But the compelling feature on their new recording, the dazzling playing apart, is the repertoire itself. Nothing on the playlist is staple material: everything is fresh. Poulenc's Concerto For Two Pianos, where the sisters are joined are joined by the Stuttgart Philharmonic and conductor Radoslaw Szulc, gets an occasional outing, but the rest - a bracing collection with Shostakovich's Concertino For Two Pianos, Stravinsky's Sonata For Two Pianos and Martinu's Concerto For Two Pianos And Orchestra - languish in obscurity.""
(Michael Tumelt)
REVIEW from 2015-03-23  
Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story, for 2 pianos (part 1)
Festival International de Piano de la Roque d'Anthéron 2012