Arcadia Quartet


Winners of the 2014 Osaka International Chamber Music Competition, the 2012 Wigmore Hall London International String Quartet Competition, the 2011 Almere International Chamber Music Competition in 2011 and the International Chamber Music Competition Hamburg in 2009, the Arcadia Quartet is rapidly establishing itself as one of the most exciting string quartets of their generation.

latest News
New recording on the way! 30. Sep 2017

We are most delighted to announce that we began recording the complete Bartok quartets for Chandos Records this September, for release in late 2018. We are all very much looking forward to see this amazing project finalised.

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Short Profile

NameArcadia Quartet Founded2006
Home LocationCluj-Napoca, Romania
Main languageEnglish Additional languages Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan,  Hungarian,  French,  German 

2015-03-27, London
"Haydn's String Quartet in E flat, Op.33 No.2 proved the perfect vehicle for the Arcadia to display the elegance and grace of their playing. (...) The Trio was full of rustic charm, as the Arcadia perfectly strode the fine line between bucolic authenticity and wry parody. [...]"
(Claire Seymour)
REVIEW from 2015-03-27  
while playing...
Playing in a beautiful baroque hall within the frame of Academia Sighișoara Festival 2015. 
Live recording made during The 8th Osaka International Chamber Music Competition & Festa
Joseph Haydn - String Quartet No. 38 in E♭ major, Op. 50 No. 3, FHE No. 12, Hoboken No. III:46 
Live recording made during The 8th Osaka International Chamber Music Competition & Festa
Leoš Janáček - String Quartet No. 2, Intimate Letters (1928) 
Acrobatics and acumen
2014-08-01 The Strad,
"Uncompromising repertoire and a gruelling schedule challenged both competitors and jury at the Osaka International Chamber Music Competition in Japan, writes Pauline Harding
(…) it was Arcadia that impressed the judjes and audience the most, with a musical, technically accomplished Beethoven op.131 that was met at its end by rapturous cheering and applause.
(Pauline Harding)
REVIEW from 2014-08-01  
2015-11-27 Nichloas Yonge Society, Lewes
"Its mastery of tone as well as technique was soon stablished in the opening number, Haydn's string quartet in b flat, opus 1 no 1, (...) it was played with rare sensitivity by the quartet, with never a jarring fortissimo to spoil the mood.(...)What was never in doubt was the quartet's commitment to the music and the brilliance of all four players faced by such a demanding score. (nn Bartok no. 4) [...]"
(Nicholas Tucker)
REVIEW from 2015-11-27  
Live recording made during The 8th Osaka International Chamber Music Competition & Festa
Béla Bartók - String Quartet No. 5, Sz. 102 
Arcadia Quartet
Trying to be serious... 
from above ;)
I think we were really concentrated... 
Osaka Competition Pulls International Chamber Groups
2014-06-26 Classical Voice North America,
"Arcadia (…) impressed from the opening notes of Haydn's Op. 50, No. 3, with its polish and elegance. (…) First Prize went to Arcadia, (…) on the strength of its coruscating account of Beethoven's Op. 131."
(Robert Markow)
REVIEW from 2014-06-26  
Young Romanians record Janáček's two quartets
2013-11-01 Gramophone Magazine,
"They are not afraid to take matters to the extremes which Janáček invites [...] ... a bold but thoughtful performance of the two remarkable works. They are strenuous performances...The recording is vivid and immediate."
(John Warrack)
REVIEW from 2013-11-01  
Arcadia Quartet
The quartet, from left to right: Răsvan Dumitru (violin), Traian Boală (viola), Ana Török (violin) and Zsolt Török (cello).  
2015-10-14, Kirkcaldy
"(...) They certainly lived up to their reputation, as the audience was left breathless by their playing. [...]"
REVIEW from 2015-10-14  
Live recording made during The 8th Osaka International Chamber Music Competition & Festa
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - String Quartet No. 4 in E minor, Op. 44 No. 2 
Janáček Quartets
2013-12-01 BBC Music Magazine, Christmas Issue 2013,
"Not only do both Quartets set formidable technical challenges, they require astonishing emotional commitment and dramatic timing...the Romanian Arcadia Quartet certainly have the measure of the dramatic aspects of these remarkable works."
REVIEW from 2013-12-01  
Great musical moments High standard chamber music experiences at the Clara Haskil Festival
2014-09-12 Algemeine Deutsche Zeitung, Sibiu
"(...) Humbleness to each other, to the public and not least to the performed works distinguished the approach of the quartet members, who did not transform their performance into a narcissistic self-display, but let the music emerge, just like Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau used to say: The outstanding artist is the one who disappears behind the masterwork.(...)"
(Klaus Philippi)
REVIEW from 2014-09-12  
Arcadian String Quartet of Romania Review
2015-10-12, Aberdeen
"(nn Bartok no. 4) Here dance was the thing, so fast and so furious that the playing of the Arcadia Quartet really took fire. It was incandescent."
(Alan Cooper)
REVIEW from 2015-10-12  
Arcadia Quartet
Presenting the instruments, and... our selves. 
Merveilleux Mendelssohn et Schubert, par le QUATUOR ARCADIA
2014-08-25, Montréal
"(…) d'un lyrisme à faire frémir. Le jeu nuancé des instrumentistes rend justice à cette grande œuvre. Le mouvement lent, Adagio, est le centre de gravité de l'œuvre : 15 minutes d'émotions fortes qui nous semblent suspendues dans le temps."
(Benoit Bergeron)
REVIEW from 2014-08-25  
Arcadia Quartet
Touché! Picture made in front of the Casino, Central Park, Cluj-Napoca. 
Live recording made during The 8th Osaka International Chamber Music Competition & Festa
Ludwig van Beethoven - String Quartet Op. 131 in c# minor 
2019-03-24, Göttingen
Arcadia Quartet

2015-10-13 Alnwick Music Society, Alnwick
"Needless to say, the Arcadia Quartet are a superb ensemble, with corporate precision coupled with great expressiveness (...)"
(Martin Gillham)
REVIEW from 2015-10-13  
Arcadia Quartet
... at the Casino, Central Park, Cluj-Napoca. 
2013-09-29 The Sunday Times,
"Each fresh hearing of Janacek's quartets is a shock - as if his researches into what he called "the melody of speech" resulted in a totally new kind of music...Both works are played with searing intensity by the fine young Romanian quartet."
(David Cairns)
REVIEW from 2013-09-29  
2018-12-30, London
Wigmore Hall - London, UK
Arcadia Quartet

Soloists: Quartet, ConTempo
2013-11-13 The Listenier,
"Whoever is looking for a new reference recording should consider this one. (...) For me, the Arcadia Quartet is – at least concerning Janáček – the cutting edge currently among European interpreters……Outstanding!"
(Rainer Aschemeier)
REVIEW from 2013-11-13  
McGill: bouleversant Schubert
2014-08-24 La Presse, Montréal
"(...) Ce mouvement lent (Adagio - Schubert Quintet) nous transportait dans un tout autre monde, très loin de celui, complètement déchiré, où nous vivons hélas!..."
(Claude Gingras)
REVIEW from 2014-08-24  
The Arcadians
The picture speaks for itself! 
Arcadia Quartet
... making jokes about our selves. 
2015-05-06, Tonbridge
"[...] this outstanding quartet makes the most wonderful sound and is at the cutting edge amongst current European interpreters. [...]"
(Chris Broomfield)
REVIEW from 2015-05-06  
Live recording made during The 8th Osaka International Chamber Music Competition & Festa
Akira Nishimura - String Quartet No. 2, 'Pulses of light' 
Grosse Kontraste
2014-05-01 Fono Forum Magazine,
"The Romanian ensemble lives through the emotional eruptions in Janácek's music with heart and soul (…) Sensual ecstasis, romantic rave and existential fear collide unreservedly; every accent is a stich into the heart…"
(Marcus Stäbler)
REVIEW from 2014-05-01