Antonio Piricone

piano, harpsichord

First Prize at the Van Wassenaer Concours (Amsterdam, 2009), the most prestigious competition of early chamber music in the industry, Antonio Piricone, was awarded in March 2011 of Clementi Award in England, the coveted prize for researching original repertoire on historical keyboards. 

His interpretative skills, versatility, sense of style and technical qualities distinguish him both as a soloist, recitalist and as a chamber musician and make Antonio an Italian musician of the younger generation whose personal approach, both as a pianist and an exponent on historical keyboard instruments, is commanding increasing attention internationally.

latest News
DE MEGLIO 1826 - NEW Critical Acclaim! 29. Oct 2017

Enjoy a new review about Antonio's latest CD album release: De Meglio 1826.
Featuring music by Mozart, Clementi, Beethiven and wor premiere recording of Ferrari's Sonata op. 10 n. 3

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Short Profile

NamePiricone, Antonio
Date of Birth1977-04-09
Born inGermany, Europe
Home LocationThe Hague, Netherlands
Main languageEnglish
Additional languages Italian,  Dutch; Flemish,  French 
attended UniversitiesRoyal Conservatory The Hague, Yasar University Izmir

Concert - Orchestra
2018-10-13, Catania
Festival Internazionale Magie Barocche, Palazzo Biscari
Concerto Köln - Benda Clavier Concertos - t.b.a.

Johann Christian Bach Concertos
3 Piano concertos in the same evening for J.C. Bach's music lovers out of op. 7 & op. 13. Performances scheduled at International Early Music Festival In Noto (IT), conducted by Augusto Vismara have been a great success. Now following up Izmir with Yasar University Chamber Orchestra and Hakan Sensoy, conducting. Do not miss it! December 15th, Izmir 
Trio PIRICONE, rehearsing moments in Istanbul
After Debut in may 18 at Essen Philharmonie in the series along with the stars of the Baroque today, Trio Piricone appears at Baroque Days in Istanbul, Notre dame de Sion concert series, opening the season. Stefan Plewniak - violin, Alexander Rudin - cello, and Antonio on the harpsichord performed early works for the classical Clavier Trio by J.C. Bach, J. Haydn, L. Boccherini to the great successful response of the audience and critique alike. Next season Trio Piricone will appear at the Bach Ankara Festival. More performance scheduled in Europe as well.  
Antonio Piricone
Rehearsals Moments 
Piricone - Benda, Clavier Sonatas
Artist Photo by: Francesca Teora 2001 
Performing moments with Antonio Piricone
Mozart Piano Concerto Kv415 
Concert - Orchestra
2018-10-14, Catania
Festival Internazionale Magie Barocche, Palazzo Biscari
Concerto Köln - Benda Clavier Concertos - t.b.a.

Antonio Plays Bach English Suites, Double 6th
Artist Photo by: Francesca Teora 2001 (b/w) & Chiara Scandurra 2011 
Antonio @ Van Wassenaer Competition Tour-Concerts
 Nieuwskrant | The Netherlands,
"Bravura and simplicity. Antonio Piricone like a lightning takes control of notes and chords."
Applause - Antonio Piricone
Mozart Piano Concerto KV415. Liepaja Symph. Orc. 
Antonio Piricone
Antonio Piricone - Andreas Staier, Rossini | LIVE
Recorded at: Fundación Juan March, 18 April 2012 
Antonio Piricone
Antonio @ LakeComo Festival
2014-07-19 webpage, Loveno
"Since 2006, Amadeus Arte organizes the LakeComo Festival, a series of chamber music concerts in intimate spaces within the beautiful villas and gardens overlooking Lake Como.


The Festival has always programmed side by side classical repertoire and new music developing itself in balance between tradition and innovation. Always bilingual (Italian and English), the Festival guested many Italian and international artists.

The excellent acoustics of concerts' locations allows to enjoy music. Dinners or Guided Tours often accompany the concerts and the artists often introduce the pieces in a direct relationship with the public.

Discover our concert schedule

REVIEW from 2014-07-19  
Aria, from Goldberg Variations, J. S. Bach | LIVE

Photo by: Francesca Teora 2001

Antonio Piricone & Douglas Bostock
Performing Gregson Piano concerto with Izmir Symphony Orchestra 
Antonio Piricone


Antonio Piricone & Martin Roscoe | LIVE

M. Arnold: Double Piano Concerto op. 104, 1st movement

Artist: Antonio Piricone, Martin Roscoe, Douglas Bostock, The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Performed & Recorded LIVE at: The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 2001

Antonio > J.A. Benda Clavier Sonatas Recording
"After only a few bars one is with him all the way. Piricone's piano style is clear, graceful, and non-percussive when that is called for, yet he plays with drama and incisiveness when appropriate"
(Paul Shoemaker)
Antonio Piricone
Antonio Piricone in Warsaw "Chopin and His Europe" Festival, 2016
"Chopin and his Europe" Festival Teaser 2016 - Jirovec: Piano Concerto

Antonio Piricone, Piano Erard (1839)
Collegium 1704, Vaclav Luks 
Concert - Chamber Music
2018-11-04, Catania
Festival Internazionale Magie Barocche, Palazzo Biscari
Le Dissonanze String Quartet - Boccherini & Mozart - t.b.a.
Conductor: Vismara, Augusto
Piricone - Bach English Suites, Double 6th suite
Artist Photo by: Francesca Teora 2001 (b/w) & Chiara Scandurra 2011 
Piricone plays Bach English Suites, Prelude 1st
Artist Photo by: Francesca Teora 2001 (b/w) & Chiara Scandurra 2011 
Antonio Piricone
Antonio > Howard Hanson Piano Concerto
 Südwestpresse | Germany,
"The pianist Antonio Piricone, who later let us hear his expertise as a Baroque specialist, played with virtuoso precision and clear rhythmic definition."
Antonio Piricone
Portrait - performing 
Antonio Piricone & Tempo Rubato | LIVE

Tempo Rubato, fortepiano duet plays Clementi

Antonio Piricone, primo
Megumi Tanno, secondo

Antonio Piricone is a Clementi Award winner.

Antonio Piricone - Andreas Staier, Rauzzini | LIVE

French Air from Sonata duet op. 12/12

Antonio Piricone, primo
Andreas Staier, secondo

Benedetto Pastore

Antonio Piricone & Alexander Rudin
Rehearsing Mozart KV415 
Tempo Rubato, fortepiano duet | LIVE
Clementi: Sonatas B-flat major, Op.12 Mov. 3 Presto


Antonio > J.A. Benda Clavier Sonatas Recording
"His articulation is frequently princely, pianistic obviously but with an appreciation of appropriate harpsichord sonority [...] The notes are pertinent and straightforwardly honest and in Piricone Benda has a most worthy and sensitive champion."
(Jonathan Woolf)
Antonio Piricone
De Meglio 1826 - Antonio Piricone
 [Andreas Staier]

“Today one hears so many streamlined performances of classical music, designed for easy consumption, unobtrusive use in hotel lobbies, relaxing the listeners rather than awakening their concentration and curiosity. For me, it is always a joy when I find in this ocean of pleasant superficiality a genuine, sincere musician. Antonio Piricone is one of these. I have accompanied his musical paths for some years now. He has a keen sensibility for the rhetorical structure of music, he makes it sing, dance, argue. He is a real artist.”

Features the premiere recording of Ferrari’s sonata op. 10 no. 3 
Stefan Plewniak, violin & baroque violin
Alexander Rudin, cello & baroque cello
Antonio Piricone, historical keyboards & piano

**Debut at Philharmonie Essen 18 May 14 
Antonio > J.S. Bach English Suites Recording
"The result is clearly what the performer intends, and as a listener, I liked the results."
(Harry Downey)
Antonio Piricone with LSO & Hakan Sensoy
Mozart Piano Concerto KV415.