Anna-Liisa Bezrodny


« Anna-Liisa Bezrodny is outstanding – technically brilliant and interpretatively virile. She is no mere performer: she is a real and true musician. Bezrodny's performance was gripping and assured, over-arching and yet keenly responsive to the flickering shades and shadows of moods. Her playing is impassioned and has a surging pulse. Yet she has a clear head and is capable of coolly calculating her effects without losing spontaneity. When appropriate, she plays at white heat, thrillingly, combined with superb technique »


Jessica Duchen

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    Anna-Liisa Bezrodny - Shostakovich Concerto no.1
     American Record Guide,
    ""Anna-Liisa Bezrodny is the daughter of the excellent Russian violinist lgor Bezrodny.Bezrodny shows her pedigree and good judgement there. Her Elgar Violin Sonata is one of the best, and would be better if the glissandos in ll were more impish. I can't fault her reading of the Prokofieff Second Violin Sonata either, except that the competition is so fierce there are quite a few other recordings that are at least as good. l'm glad that she plays two of the too rarely heard Sibelius Humoresques. Her readings are excellent, and l wish that she would one day record them all with theo rchestral accompaniment.Her performance of Efrem Zimalist's Fantasy on Rimsky Korsakoff's Golden Cockerel shows just how good she really is when compared with Haik Kazazyan's (below). Even though Bezrodny's performance is a minute longer than Kazazyan's, it feels shorter. She isn't merely a fine violinist; she is a fine musician who plays the violin. She knows just how to make phrases flow by making astute tempo fluctuations and by knitting certain notes together and leaving a bit of space between others. She also shows good judgement in her choice of lvari llja as her partner.He is an excellent chamber musician who is always able to assert himself without overwhelming his partner. Bezrodny has a sure technique, good intonation, and a velvety tone.l'd love to hear more from this duo.""
    REVIEW from
     Kölner Stadt Zeitung,
    "…Anna-Liisa Bezrodny played with elegant sound but with courageous, fiery energetic and withan intensive singing legato in the slow movement of Haydn's C-Major Violin Concerto."
    REVIEW from