Anna Heflin

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Video / Audio
Water, Unstill
"Water, Unstill" by Jeremy Corren
Premiered at New Music On The Point 
Ari Streisfeld - vn
Anna Heflin - va
Hayden Anderson - sop
Stephanie Titus - pn
Dirge For Owens Valley
"Dirge For Owens Valley" composed by Daniel Lemer. 
Text from a letter written by Lesta V. Parker to Theodore Roosevelt
Premiered at New Music On The Point
Genevieve Clements - soprano
Ari Streisfeld - violin
Anna Heflin - viola
Clare Longendyke - piano
Rebecca Clarke Sonata for Viola and Piano Mvt.3
Anna Heflin, viola
Dansheng Zhao, piano
"Wave" is an electroacoustic work for viola and backing track performed and composed by Anna Heflin.
Mahler and Schnittke Piano Quartets
Mahler and Schnittke Piano Quartets performed at an SFCM chamber music concert. Thank you Jennifer Culp for coaching us!

Kimberly Fang, violin
Anna Heflin, viola
Andy Lee, cello
Heemin Park, piano
Viola Voila
SFCM Viola Project 2015. Viola Voila by Seth Byrd.