Andrew Gekoskie, Conductor


Artistic Director/Conductor Orchestra X Project 2010 – Present-Jupiter, FL USA

The orchestra X project is a project to perform new musical works in new musical ways.
The Future of Orchestra X Projects: orchestra X will work in close collaboration with composers to bring to life new works, exploring instrumental techniques and developing projects in which music, dance, theatre, film, video and the visual arts, are combined with 20th and 21st century classical music to bring audiences a new and exciting sensory experience.

Not only with orchestra X bring new works into the repertoire, the project will also focus upon the performance of 20th and 21st century masterpieces. This project will present generations "x and y" concerts in an interactive and non-traditional way while bringing together artists of the highest level.

orchestra X will also strive to create opportunities for emerging classical music composers by having their music performed by professional musicians. In addition, composers will also have the opportunity to interact with the conductor as well as musicians for valuable feedback in the development of their compositions.

Composers who would like to have their piece considered, should send their scores to our orchestra offices attn: orchestra X. Through the orchestra X projects, composers can also choose to hire musicians and/or the orchestra for a reading session. Through our partnerships with some of the leading recording engineers we can also offer in studio or on-site recording of the reading session.

For additional information, contact the office at 540.398.8933 or email .


Music Director

Winchester Orchestra January 2007 – 2015

In addition to my duties as conductor, I am in charge of all artistic and creative decisions, and also serve as the executive director which includes all marketing, business and development.

Guest Conductor
July 1990 – Present various

Sparta Symphony, Langley Symphony, Minnesota Youth Symphony, Butler Symphony, Williamsport Youth Symphony, Williamsport Symphony, Susquehanna Symphony, Metropolitan Wind Symphony, Fairfax Wind Symphony, Winchester Orchestra, Hartt Symphony (partial list)

Please visit: for full CV

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Short Profile

NameGekoskie, Andrew
Born inUnited States, North America
Home LocationJupiter Island, United States
Main languageEnglish
attended UniversitiesJuilliard School of Music
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