Anastasia Razvalyaeva


Duo SeRa

Erzsébet Seleljo and Anasztazia Razvalyaeva met at the doctoral school of the Liszt Academy of Music. For one of the doctoral recitals they performed a duo written for saxophone and harp, this collaboration was the initiative of the formation of Duo SeRa. The repertoire of this unique duo originates from the middle of the 20-th century, but Duo SeRa is committed to performing a wide variety of repertoire including transcriptions of works ranging from reneissance to the early 20-th century and commissions dedicated to them. In 2014 they started off a project titled Encounters, every year they premier new works dedicated to the duo by prominent Hungarian composers such as Péter Zombola, Márton Levente Horváth, Angrás Gábor Virágh, Péter Tornyai and many others, paired with songs by John Dowland. Duo SeRa have performed at the Kapolcs Valey of Arts, Bartók Radio live broadcast programme, numerous concert venues in Budapest, and several rural cities as well, Debrecen, Szeged, Győr and Szombathely, naming just a few of them. Their first trip abroad leads them to St Petersburg, performing at the International Academy Festival.