Anastasia Razvalyaeva


Saxophone & Harp - Duo SeRa

Duo SeRa (live recording)
Anastasia Razvalyaeva, harp
Erzsébet Seleljo, saxophone

Excerpts of a saxophone and harp chamber music concert
26 October 2014,
Budapest, Bartók Radio
Sound engeneered by Miklós Lukács

Erzsébet Seleljo and Anasztazia Razvalyaeva met at the doctoral school of the Liszt Academy of Music. For one of the doctoral recitals they performed Gustav Bumcke's Notturno for saxophone and harp, this collaboration was the initiative of the formation of Duo SeRa (first named DuoArsE). Besides the original repertoire they decided to make their own transcriptions and also started off a project titled Encounters, which included 21st century compositions written by Miklós Maros, András Gábor Virágh, Levente Márton Horváth, Péter Zombola and Árpád Solti dedicated to the duo and songs by John Dowland which they had arranged themselves. The premiere took place at FUGA Budapest in April 2014, then in August that year they performed the programme at the Valley of Arts in Kapolcs and in 2015 February the duo takes this programme to several rural cities in Hungary. In April 2015 they premiered a new set of works composed for them in the program "Encounters 2". They are also keen on youth education, they have worked together with Győző Lukácsházi playing and introducing their instruments to children.

Photos by Fruzsina Biczó and Rebeka Drahos