Alfredo Ovalles

Credits: Video: Clemens Purner. Audio: Johannes Winkler

Arrorró Yekuana con Estrellas y ChinchorroV

In Venezuela, an Arrorró is a lullaby. Yekuanas are an indigenous tribe that lives in the south of the country, near the Orinoco River.
On Sunday, March 23rd, my friend Adriana Urquiola was shot in Venezuela and not because she was protesting against the government, she just happened to be coming back home with her husband. Adriana was 4 months pregnant.
In 2013 there were almost 25.000 violent deaths in Venezuela, a number that has been on a steady rise since 1998 and doesn't seem to start going down in the future. The entire country is suffering from the same problems and is politically divided in half, without people realizing that we just have to work together to fix this somehow.
I recorded this video to honor the memory of my friend Adriana, and would like to dedicate it to all the mothers that have lost a child in the last years in Venezuela. All these deaths hurt everyone, regardless of political side.
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