Alexander Mayer

conductor, organ
after Mendelssohn: Elias in Budapest
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Maggio Musicale Fiorentino 2016
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Alexander Mayer
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© Tashko Tasheff
Video / Audio
Stravinsky: The Firebird (Suite 1919)
What a masterpiece...
Frank Martin: Trois Danses
And always Frank Martin, a composer, who is very dear to my heart... 
credits: Audio: Richard Kuster; Video: David Guyot
© Universal Edition
Kernis: Musica Celestis
A wonderful piece which I conducted meanwhile very often, here with my Ensemble Symphonique Neuchâtel.
credits: Audio: Richard Kuster; Video: David Guyot
© Schirmer Edition
TEVYE: With Kolsimcha and the Basel Symphony Orchestra
Kolsimcha and Sinfonieorchester Basel performing "Dance Suite", conducted by Alexander Mayer. The music is from "Tevye", a ballet by Richard Wherlock. This is the view from the pit.
credits: Music composed and orchestrated by Olivier Truan. Video filmed and edited by Olivier Truan. Audio recording by Robert Hermann.
Mozart Serenata Notturna
And some Mozart with the wonderful leaders of my ESN:

Felix Froschhammer, V1; Jonas Grenier, V2; Céline Portat, Viola; Tashko Tasheff, Kontrabass

Ensemble Symphonique Neuchâtel

credits: Audio: Richard Kuster; Video: David Guyot