Aleksey Igudesman

violin, composer, conductor
Du Kunst Mich
"Du KUNST mich" ist eine neue Sendereihe, in der Musiker und Stand-up-Comedian Aleksey Igudesman anderen Kreativen provokant "auf den Zahn fühlt."
Video / Audio
Vogue The Violin - Funk The String
Performed by MAD - Music and Dance
Aleksey Igudesman and Manaho Shimokawa
Music by Aleksey Igudesman
Filmed in the Wiener Konzerthaus
Directed by Aksel Stasny
Audio available on Orlando Records
Sheed music available at Universal Edition
credits: Aleksey Igudesman, Manaho Shimokawa, Aksel Stasny
© Aleksey Igudesman
I Will Survive
Igudesman & Joo with one of their greatest hits!