Aleksandra Šuklar

Aleksandra Šuklar is a multipercussionist and marimba artist, living in Vienna.
Her virtuosic performances are showing high artistic level and sophisticated musicality.

She is a prizewinner of many national and international competitions. She recieved a Start Scholarship of Austrian Chancellor as one of the moust outstanding young artists living in Vienna.
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Aleksandra Šuklar at Slovenian Philharmonic, percussion recital
 Music Magazine "Glasna", Ljubljana
"... At a good concert, a critic can run out of words quite quickly. Therefore, a praise of the young percussionist is expressed here: of her excellent technique, musicality, temperament and sensitivity to musical style, skills that contributed to this excellent performance..."
(Tomaž Gržeta)
Aleksandra Šuklar performing Concerto for Marimba and Strings "The Corridors" by Slavko Šuklar
Aleksandra Šuklar performing Concerto for Marimba and Strings "The Corridors" by Slavko Šuklar together with Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra. This is the new arrangement of the concerto, which was premiered in December 2017. 
Aleksandra Šuklar
Aleksandra Šuklar performing Twenty Years Later by Igor Lešnik for vibraphone solo
"Twenty years later" by I. Lešnik is a piece for solo vibraphone. Besides the fast movement in this clip it contains also two slower, lyric movements based on composers improvisation. This is the audio from the live performance. 
Percussion concerto “Veni veni Emmanuel” by J.Macmillan
Aleksandra Šuklar performing as a soloist the percussion concerto “Veni veni Emmanuel” by J. Macmillan with MUK Symphony Orchestra. The concert was recorded live in ORF Radiokulturhaus in Vienna (June 2017). Conductor: Andreas Stoehr 
Prize for the best interpretation of the Work composed by the Croatian composer
 Ferdo Livadić International Competition, Samobor
"...Aleksandra Šuklar performed Igor Lešnik's composition »Twenty years later« incredibly artistically, vividly and in a beautiful tone on the vibraphone, putting out the best features of her own instrument,  which is the reason she won the prize..."
(Vladimir Kranjčević)
PROMO VIDEO of Aleksandra Suklar
The PROMO Video of percussionist Aleksandra Suklar is here! Check it out!

Filmed by: Luis Casanova Sorolla

In Vienna 2016 
Aleksandra Šuklar
Performing E. Carter: VII. Canaries 
Aleksandra Šuklar
© Casanova Sorolla