Alec Frank-Gemmill


"His unforced, richly responsive playing bloomed magically in the generous acoustics, matched by the touching sincerity of his performance" (Daily Telegraph). At 28 years old, Alec Frank-Gemmill is already considered one of the foremost exponents of the horn as a solo instrument. Described by the Financial Times as "a phenomenon with a tone of golden purity, wrap-around warmth and ecstatic afterglow", he has performed concertos on BBC Radio 3, Deutschlandradio and Arte TV.

Alec Frank-Gemmill has been awarded the Borletti Buitoni Trust Fellowship 2014

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2013-04-15 Financial Times,
""a 27-year-old phenomenon with a tone of golden purity, wraparound warmth and ecstatic afterglow.""
REVIEW from 2013-04-15  
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