Alauda Quartet


 "...the Alauda Quartet have a unique sense of communication which seems to be an absolute necessity in todays music world. I predict them to become a very good string quartet with an extraordinary artistic profile..." - Oliver Wille (Kuss Quartet)

"...their program was broken down with impressively strong musical contrasts, their expressive interpretations of the aesthetics of opposition translated convincingly  within the works..." - Jonas Rohde (Hannover newspaper)

 ''After tea and biscuits, a goodly audience had a rare treat: Respighi's "Il Tramonto", a setting of an Italian version of Shelley's 50-line poem "The Sunset". For this rare treasure, the young mezzo-soprano Sarah Shorter from Winchester joined the quartet. If the Alauda and she could get together and record this beautiful work, I'd be first in the queue for a copy. [The Birley's main hall has its problems, but for voice and small ensemble it has the ideal acoustic. So what about recoding it there?] . It had been a great experience to see and hear what the young can achieve when they aim for the stars'' (Eastbourne London)

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Recorded for Brilliant Classics!! Our Cd will be on the market soon!! 30. Jun 2015
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Live performance, Hannover(Germany) 
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Alauda Quartet playing at Downing Street
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